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cutee_layouts's Journal

Premade Layouts
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This community was created because I was sick of searching for layouts in communities where everyone can post layouts, and many of them are NOT good. I decided to create my OWN community for the benefit of others who might feel the same as I do. This place will not be fancy, asI prefer plain and simple (but cute) layouts, for some of the fancier layouts can look overdone. (But not ALL of them!) All layouts will be made at my discretion and when I feel like it, so please do not rush me to update with new layouts. I do have a life outside of livejournal and I cannot devote all my time to this, but I will do the best I can to update with new layouts as much as possible. Anyway, before I start rambling and before you take a layout, please read the rules below. And share my community with all your friends! Thank you! =)


(1) I WILL NOT TAKE REQUESTS. So don't bother asking.
(2) DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDIT LINK THAT IS ON THE LAYOUT. If you do, that is stealing and you will be banned. I work hard on these layouts and it isn't fair to take my work.
(3) Please do not leave comments on my personal journal asking for help. If you need the help, please contact me using the info provided below.
(4) Comment and let me know that you're using a layout. You MUST do this, even if you're using it on another journal. I like to know where my layouts are being used.
(5) You may change whatever you feel like in the layout. HOWEVER, regardless of what you change, you STILL need to keep the credit on there.
(6) READ THE FAQ PAGE BEFORE ASKING ME ANY QUESTIONS! I can't tell you how many times I get comments asking questions that have already been answered on that page. If your question ISNT on the page, then feel free to ask me. But please check there first before wasting both our time.
(7) Layouts can be found here. Only when you are a member can you view these.
(8) Enjoy the layouts! =)


AIM: lissema11
EMAIL: sweetchika0323@yahoo.com