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quick update!

hello folks!

sorry it's been so long since this community has had a real update of any kind. i've just been so busy with school, and applying for scholarships/college, it's been ridiculous. luckily, i graduate in little over a month! so once my AP tests are done with and the homework becomes almost non-existent, i promise i will be back here with some more layouts. =)

in the meantime, there should be plenty of layouts to keep you guys occupied. in just a minute i'll be changing the community's layout to one that's already listed, so it feels a little more spring-like. like i said, in a few weeks i should be back with some more spring/summer layouts that you guys can use.

i apologize again for any inconviences of not posting! but the community will NOT be shut down, and if you have any questions or anything you can leave me a comment or something.

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