grayskyeyes (grayskyeyes) wrote in cutee_layouts,

Back from a long hiatus

Hi everyone,
I'm home again for the summer after finishing my sophomore year of school at Fairfield University.
I need something to keep me occupied besides the monotony of work and the gym; I'm sort of looking for a change. I decided to check this and realized that there's a HUGE number of members of this community.

That means a lot to me.

This community has been neglected for far too long, but I appreciate all of you who have taken some satisfaction in using the layouts I've created.

I would like to start making new layouts again for you all to use, and I hope that there's still enough interest in them; having not been here in quite some time, I'm not sure that anybody still uses this or looks at it.

However, if you're still a member, and at least semi-active, if you'd be interested in me creating new layouts for you to use, please leave me a note. If there's a certain theme you're looking for, most specifically if you're looking for layouts in specific colors or that evoke a certain mood or style, let me know.

I'd like to hear from you that are still devoted members.

Thanks all, and I'm sorry for the long hiatus. Hopefully this will be up and running again soon =)

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